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This is to inform all my lovers, users, visitors, members of that whatsoever you see on our platform, It’s not ordinary post but the well research information that is ensure of it witness if not the case in entertainment but we assure everyone that no matter what we present to you, it’s very Necessary to be discern in every aspect of news, music and celebrity gist. I also assure everyone a good updated and not a false content on this website.

I hereby inform all the users or member of to be always cautioned in any activities you want to carry out on the website. It is very important to be reasonable in aspect of behavior.

Always remember this is a website of many people either children or adult. Mind you in our society we have a part to take in the community in the way of living and what we partake in.

Advertisement disclaimer

The is always responsible for advertisement whether local/international ad network on this website and not for any means of passing wrong directive message/content to the users/visitors/members.

Comment disclaimer

Note: Whosoever that comment on this platform is responsible for any message he/she give out on a comment box and is neccesary to be reasonably done. Thanks

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