[Malloadedlovers] 5 Signs Your University Really Cares About You & Your Future (A Must Read)

If your university provides these five things, you’re in a good School else just leave that School now 😌😌
Dear undergraduates, if someone asks you why you are chasing a degree certificate in your higher institution, your response will most likely be tied to getting a good job and have a better life.
The dream to get a good and satisfying job obviously tops the list for most undergraduates, but sadly, not all universities are helping their students to prepare for the highly competitive job market.
However, if getting a job after your graduation gives you a cause for concern, here are five reasons to show you that your academic institution is established to support and prepare you for the future.
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1. Industrial Training Placement

Industrial Training Placement commonly referred to IT or internship among students is a great way to gain work experience before you graduate and a lot of Nigerian Universities and Polytechnic have incorporated this into their curriculum.
As a mater of fact, some institutions make it compulsory for their students to undergo internship, make a report about it and then come back to school after three or six months to explain what they learnt in the course of the internship to their lecturers.
Most Higher institutions do this but the students really don’t take I.T seriously because they don’t have idea of the good attach to it.
Schools need to setup serious Supervising committee to check up on their students in different organizations to see if they are doing well and attending frequently.

2. Inter-School Exchange Programs

Exchange program is an academic arrangement in which students of a university are sent to another university to study. In most cases, the students are sent abroad to study at one of their university’s partner institutions.
This program is not so common among Nigerian school, but if you want to know about this arrangement, consult the Dean of Students Affairs, he/she will tell you if your school has such programs or not.

3. Linking Up With Employers

Universities are not established to just churn out graduates. A tertiary institution that wants the best for its graduates will also foster strong links between industry experts, employers and their students.
This can be achieve by inviting Employers and Experts to their school events to deliver presentations and connect the students with them. If your school does this regularly, congratulations! you’re studying in an institution that cares about your future.
Else, they are only breeding you and other Graduates that will join the already long list of job seekers currently going through hell in the outside world.

4. Campus Workshop & Recruitment Fair

Does your school regularly organize workshop and career fair to prepare and help you understand what it takes to develop marketable skills and understand job interview techniques?
Do Job Boards come to your school to conduct mock job interviews? These are indications that your school management is committed to helping you achieve your career goals.
If they don’t, just know your School does not give a hoot about you. You can do that by yourself by watching videos online so you don’t go through hell after your School days.

5. A Strong Alumni Network

Some of UNILAG Alumni are leaders today

First generation universities like the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy (OAU) have very strong alumni association members that have established themselves as experts, employers and decision makers in different industries.
Alumni network like this will help you connect with professionals in your field and even secure yourself a job when you network with them.
If your School cannot boast of any great person, this is definitely a bad omen and might not pay you on the long run unlike Graduates from other school with Great Alumni.
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