Crack your ribs!!!Patient with a cleaner, You will surely laugh your ass-out (check this)

Empty bottles of water used by the patients are been packed by the cleaners while they clean.. While i was discarding d empty bottles of water from a discharged patient, i discovered one of d keg had saliva inside meaning he was salivating into one of the bottles.. This patient had tuberculosis (TB).. This is also applicable to other hospitals around the globe..
Some patients even urinate inside the containers, these patients have HIV , hepatitis and other infections diseases..
Now my worry, these women pack these empty bottles of water can and sell to people that make zobo, tiger nut drinks, kunu et al. We d victim buy and consumeโ€ฆ
A consumer buys 50 or probably 100 naira worth of drink with his or her money and end up having a life threatening disease or even an ailments that could take his or her life if not well treatedโ€ฆ The cycle keeps goingโ€ฆ Let’s be guided bikonuโ€ฆ.

Let’s LAUGH a little !!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Grandpa said to grand son:

“See, your teacher is coming. Go and hide because you’ve missed school for two days.”

Grand son replied:

“I took permission that you died; so go and hide.”😀😀😀😀 โ€ฆ.😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😂..

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