Yes I am a yahoo boy. I just finished from the secondary school and gained admission into the university with computer science in mind to study there but I have another thing in mind.

Am gonna change my name on Facebook and put a white man’s picture and also change my location and get a foreign number to be safe. Iphones will be better for this. Say awake all night to chat up whites that accepted my friend request and tell them how stranded I am. How I have been abandoned by the oil company I worked for or even tell them about my business and promise them better returns if they would patronize me or even tell them how I have admired and loved them all these while and it all depends on what there profile say about them.
I really have to be carefull in all my dealings because I don’t want SARS or EFCC to mess up. I will watch myself well to avoid catching unwanted attention. I might prolly not graduate from my school if this yahoo stuff pays me well. Ofcourse, what else do u expect me to do since I see something that pays me well. As time goes on, I will move to Ghana where the govt are more lenient than that of Nigeria. I will definitely put my hands more in rituals or dirty stuff and that is if yahoo fails me. But I am sure that if yahoo fails me robbery won’t but I prefer yahoo to all others.
 I have team up with other yahoo boys in US, UK and other European countries to enable me take my money but clean up everything to avoid tracing. My bankers know what’s up so they will also help me run my fake bank account. I will now move to other countries in middle east to purchase properties. By then when my mates must have graduated, I would definitely own many properties. I will now have to settle down because I have made it in life. I will buy mama car and house, pay my father his pension, sponsor all my siblings, have babies outside marriage. Maybe once I will travel to see my white female friend that has fallen for me.
I will now tell my children to look up to me because am a perfect example. I have no regret and my friends who termed me drop out will have to join the queue of yahoo boys. You could check out my Instagram account and see how I flaunt my hard earned money with designer bags and Gucci stuff everywhere. I travel round with celebrities and big boys of my kind. My kind are also getting the love that they desired so calling us a rat when you catch any of us doesn’t make things worst for us. We just have to be more careful. I have to put a latest romantic song on my sound system when am talking with my client over the phone so that her heart will be calm on hearing it. We yahoo boys are just making it in life and we love our job.
The bad part of this is when EFCC catch any of us but thats not a big problem as long as we pay our dues depending on what we agreed on or our friend there feeds us with info so that we would stay out of their (EFCC) lane.

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When I will tell my children to bury me with coffin designed with gold and diamond when I am gone. Papa might not be happy with all this because I have succeeded in not letting him know my true source of income.
I am that Nigerian Yahoo boy that lived his life flamboyantly with no regrets. In case you don’t like me then no problem as long as I don’t give a damn. Its my life not yours…

A write up was made by Mculous heyleez

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