[Malloadedlovers] You wouldn’t believe this => “My Wife Is Cheating With A Shell Employee After I Lost My Bank Job” – Man Cries Out

“You can’t believe this, My Wife Is Cheating With A Shell Employee After I Lost My Bank Job” – Man Cries Out

A man has been left in a state of depression after finding out that his wife is having an affair with a Shell staff.
A heartbroken man has shared a sad story of his life how his wife now sleeps around after he lost his bank job.
The man has been left in serious pain since the discovery that his wife now cheats because of money as things have been tough for him.
The story was shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels:
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“I worked many yrs in the bank and got married 18yrs ago. I love my wife very well and has never cheated on her. She is the best woman on earth and i never get tired making love to her. I have been a great support to her family. Paid fees for her siblings till masters level. Built a house for her parents and bought them several cars. I send them monthly up keeps. But i lost my job last yr. Things are not the way it used to be. Becuase of her family load i carried i didnt have much savings. I have sold most of my lands and cars. And i am passing thru a very difficult patch. I have attended several interviews and tried to do many businesses but notthing steady for now.
I noticed quite an unbecoming charater from my wife. I dont pry into her affairs and never try to go thru her fones. One nite she came in very late and went straight to the bath room and not long a text came in and later her fone rang and i picked but the person on the other end didnt say a word. I cut the line and saw a text that read “i had a swell time today. You r the sweetest. Can we do this again?”.
I went to the bath and asked her who sent the text. She didnt answer instead she was laughing. I didnt knw wen i slapped her. He was the guy that disvirgined her and he is very good in love making. She cums every time they make luv
Her cousin who live with us called her father and he came with her mum. The mum immediately took her fone and destroyed it. I felt bad becuase i have never raised a hand on my wife. But i have been heart broken. Her family abused me and said all kinds to me. And told me to my face that there is no woman for a broke man. They encouraged her to date the new guy. He is a shell staff i found out. I want advice before i do some thing stupid. Its broken my entire person i even hate my kids. Pls help.”

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