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GOOD NEWS!!! Nigeria’s Inflation dropped – (June 2019)



The National Bureau of Statistics, Monday, has said that Nigeria’s inflation rate dropped by 0.18 percent in the month of June.

The NBS said that the consumer price index, (CPI) which measures inflation increased by 11.22 percent (year-on-year) in June 2019.

It said this was as a result of a 0.18 percent points lower than the rate recorded in May 2019 (11.40) percent.

According to it,

“Increases were recorded in all COICOP divisions that yielded the Headline index. On month-on-month basis, the Headline index increased by 1.07 percent in June 2019, this is 0.04 percent rate lower than the rate recorded in May 2019 (1.11) percent.

“The percentage change in the average composite CPI for the twelve months period ending June 2019 over the average of the CPI for the previous twelve months period was 11.29 percent, similar to the 11.29 percent recorded in May 2019.”

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Naija latest news

Submit Ministerial List To EFCC, Buhari Embraces Corruption — “PDP Informs Senate”



Submit Ministerial List To EFCC, Buhari Embraces Corruption — “PDP Informs Senate”

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Monday urged the Senate to further give credibility to its ministerial screening by sending the names of the nominees to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The party said the screening exercise must have enabled the Senate to further confirm that many of the nominees presented to it by President Muhammadu Buhari include individuals, who as former governors and ministers, wrecked their states and ministries and have serious allegations of corruption, abuse of office and stealing of public funds hanging on their necks.

In a statement by the party’s spokesman Kola Ologbondiyan, the PDP said the nomination of persons with corruption badges to serve in the federal cabinet has shown that the president does not only condone but also explicitly promote corruption, “which has escalated into a state art since he assumed office in 2015”.

This is particularly as President Buhari had asserted that he would only nominate persons he knows “personally”.

“It, therefore, speaks volumes that the persons Mr. President “personally” knows and has nominated as ministers include such individuals that have been publicly indicted and known to be answering questions as accomplices in on-going corruption cases in various courts.

“The PDP calls on the Senate to note that some of the nominees have failed to defend their corruption allegations. This includes a particular former minister from the North Central, who had admitted to the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offenses Commission (ICPC) of complicity in the N2.5 billion National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) fraud case, still pending in court.

“This is in addition to certain nominees who, as state governors, swindled their states, fleeced workers and committed several financial crimes for which they should rather be standing trial, instead of being rewarded with official protection as ministers.

“Our party notes that the gathering of corrupt persons as cabinet ministers is a clear pointer to a scheme by the cabal in the Presidency to further entrench corruption in our nation,” Mr Olognobdiyan said.

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Urging the Senate to take a cursory look into the allegations of bribe-for-ministerial-slot, making the rounds in the public space, the PDP said the Senate must rise to the occasion and ensure that Nigerians are not totally let down.

“The PDP also invites the Senate to note that President Buhari has not demonstrated any commitment to the fight against corruption and for that reason, Nigerians now look up to the National Assembly to protect the nation from the excesses of the Buhari Presidency.

“The repositioned PDP has demonstrated this determination in our nominations for leadership positions in our party at all levels.

“The Senate is therefore urged to stand with the people in resisting the manipulations of the Buhari Presidency to ensure that only persons with clean records are cleared as ministers,” he added.

People are now running helter and skelter to terminate and spoil BUHARI’s Step toward causes.

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Fraudster who lures Victim Using Beautiful Ladies (See Photo)



A suspected 47-year-old fraudster, Christopher Okoeguale a.k.a Benson, alleged to be using beautiful girls to trick rich male victims has been arrested by the operatives of the Inspector General of police Intelligence response team (IRT), The Nation has gathered.

Also arrested were four ladies he allegedly used to trap his victims, namely Chidera Onugwu (21), Jennifer Egbeselea (26), Chinasa Agbo (21) and Omoike Princess (18).

A police source said that Okoeguale, who led a five-man robbery gang, was in the habit of sending the beautiful ladies to the streets to lure potential victims.

Once they were on the street, they flaunted their beauty to attract highly rich men many of who often fell for the ladies after discussing for a few minutes.

The girl would then ask the would-be victim to follow her to her uncle’s place where Okoeguale would pose as the uncle or father, as the case may be.

With Christopher acting as the father in the house, another member of the gang would pose as a stranger and walk into the sitting room with a carton containing fake dollars and the chemical used for producing them as well as other dubious instruments.

The girl would bring the victim to the sitting room and introduce Okoeguale to him as her father or uncle. She would then relate how deeply interested the victim was in her. The fake uncle/father would ask him to sit and they would start to discuss.

As they were discussing, another member of the gang would walk into the parlour like a stranger with a carton of fake dollars and Okoeguale would welcome him, asking why the early visit.

The ‘stranger’ would then tell him that he came with $50,000 but the chemical was not enough to wash all the dollars. As they were discussing, the girl used as a bait would be there listening with rapt attention.

Noticing that the victim had become interested in the discussion as to how to get the money for chemicals, Okoeguale would pretend to be angry with the ‘stranger’ for allowing the victim to join in discussing the matter.

He would get up in a fit of anger, calling the stranger a thief and a fraudster. He would then go into the inner room pretending to be angry, leaving the victim with the ‘stranger’ in the sitting room to discuss.

In most cases, the victim, attracted by the big money, would tell the ‘stranger’ that he was interested in the dollar business, asking what he was expected to do to share from the money. The ‘stranger’ would tell the victim that $50,000 was at stake and he would need five people to contribute money for the chemical needed and get about $10,000 each in return.

At this point, Okoeguale would emerge from the inner room and start acting as if he overheard their discussion on the $50,000 dollar deal. Before long, all the three men would start discussing the deal.

At intervals, Okoeguale would threaten the victim and the ‘stranger’, telling both to leave his house. He could start calling the ‘stranger’ as an ingrate who wanted to cheat him by bringing in his brother, who did not know how they suffered to get the $50,000 they want to wash.

With this, the victim became even more interested and asked the stranger to tell him how much each person should contribute. The ‘stranger’ would tell him N5 million, asking him to bring his with an open cheque or transfer the money with his phone or go straight to the bank to withdraw it.

The police source said that some of the victims had lost as much as N10 million to the suspected fraudsters. He also said the girls used by the gang also find their own ways of extorting money from victims, asking them for certain sums with which they would keep their body and soul together before they get married.

The source said the gang had defrauded many people before their last victim, a timber seller brought by one of the girls, named Chidera, decided to report them to the commander of the IRT, Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, after he was defrauded of N1.8 million.

Confessing to the crime, Okoeguale, who his gang members addressed as chairman, said: “My real name is Christopher Okoeguale but my operational name is Benson. I am married with three children.

“I stopped my education in primary four. I hail from Ishan, Edo State. I learnt electrical welding and I had a shop at Kura Street by MECO, Benin City, and I had two apprentices as at 1995. I used to get N1,000 every day. But anytime I got a contract, I used to go home with about N6,000.”

“Unfortunately, when I was duped of N65,000 by one Emeka, I became devastated and decided to relocate to Lagos. He told me to go and look for somebody they could dupe of a reasonable amount. He even asked me to bring the leader of Odua Peoples Congress (OPC), the late (Frederick) Fasehun for them to dupe, but my efforts failed. I sold my property and relocated to Lagos in February, 2017.

“I travelled to Benin to get these girls, four of them, and gave them a room in my two-bedroom flat. Those of them who were interested in learning, I took them to a catering school in Lagos. I took Jennifer to a catering school at Akesan. Chinasa and Chidera, who wanted to learn hair dressing, were kept indoor pending the time they would start.

“But Princess, who wanted to learn about selling medicine, was waiting before IRT operatives struck.

“I trained them to use their beauty to capture rich people. Their work ends when they capture victims and hand them over to me. My responsibility to them is to advise them to be security conscious so that no man would rape them in the course of trying to lure them to me for the fraud game.

“Since I relocated to Lagos, I have only duped nine people without stress. There is no case I cannot use the girls’ beauty to destroy. But I saw a different ball game in IRT because they are the only unit I could not use beautiful girls to influence.

“I promise to return all the money I have defrauded my victims of and to relocate to my village to farm. I will never go into this type of thing again.”

Chidera, a native of Nsukka, Enugu State, and schools certificate holder, said she met Okoeguale at Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, where she was a sales girl and he said he would find a job for her, but he ended up making her to scout for victims.

“Initially, he told me and my sister Chinasa that he would find hairdressing work for us. But he ended up putting us in this mess,” he said.

Jennifer, on her part, claimed that she read Accounting at Ekpoma Polytechnic and was working in a plastic company on N40,000 salary when Christopher lured him to Lagos.

She said Christopher told her that he was an engineer, “and he asked me to be telling victims that I was his wife, just to deceive them. It was in Ekpoma he came to lure me.”ing victims that I was his wife, just to deceive them. It was in Ekpoma he came to lure me.”

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Yoruba council of youths chairman call Northern group a coward



Yoruba Youth Council Worldwide

The Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide refer to the Northern Coalition Group as uncivilised cowards that use cheap threat that is hollow on the rest of the country if RUGA settlement plan is not implemented. The YCYW called on Nigerians to ignore such empty threat that is an affront against the sovereignty of Nigeria and negates reasoning and sensibility of Nigerians irrespective of the fact that they committed treasonable felony and breach of public peace by their statement and still not yet arrested in the last 24 hours.

The press release is below.


July 4th, 2019

Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW) has called on Nigerians to ignore the ranting of a man called Abdul-Azeez Suleiman and his group in a trending online video who they described as an uncivilized cowards, who issued a 30 days ultimatum to the government, especially the Southern Governors to either implement the Rural Grazing Areas (RUGA) or face dare consequences.

We want to state categorically that the statement is an affront against the sovereignty of Nigeria and negates reasoning and sensibility of Nigerians, that some people who claimed to be representing Fulani Herdsmen publicly in the full glare of the media declared and comitted an act of treason felony, breach of public peace cum seditious hate speech, and Security operatives have not rounded them up for immediate prosecution after 24 hours. If this type of reckless statement had emanated from the South it may have been another story altogether.

The world is watching how President Buhari and heads of relevant Security outfits will react to this ugly developments.

Our position is that it is only unintelligent and tactless cowards that uses threat to instill fears in the mind of the people for rejecting what they don’t want, by issuing bogus statements to make them look bigger that their actual capability, no body should give in to such repugnant crude method because peaceful Nigerians are advanced beyond such tasteless method of doing things, the people are calm not because they don’t know how to react in such manner but it is naturally expected that these demented elements should have been more civilized than how they are poorly representing their ethnic group, in gross violation of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is also worrisome that Fulani elites have remained silent in the face of these jaundice and unhelpful provocations by some people claiming to represent their wishes and aspirations, we would not want to hurriedly conclude that their silence is a tactical endorsement for the ill motivated actions of these rogues or that they are supporting the bloody killings, kidnapping and banditry going on in the country.

In a Statement issued by the convener of the Group, Barr Dotun Hassan, he said that it is important to note that Nigeria is a sovereign country governed by law and as such no individual, no matter where they come from can openly issue threat to government and not be punished.

The Yoruba Youths wants all Nigerians to be calm in the face of this continuous unwarranted threat and provocation to anarchy by some people claiming to be representing the interest of the Fulanis who are minority in Nigeria.

On our part, we would explore all possible avenues to ensure that he and his collaborators present at the shameless Press conference where the unguided, divisive, hate speech and treasony comments were made be arrested by the security agents, we shall also use legal means to ensure that their arrest is effected, this is to use them as examples to others who may want to travel through the same journey in the nearest future.

Nobody can threaten the peace of law abiding citizens of this country and be allowed to walk free any longer. We want to call the attention of those constantly beating the war drum to note that, other tribes should not be provoked, they are calm should not be mistaken to mean that they are timid nor cowards.

The group also lauded President Muhammad Buhari for suspending the controversial RUGA project, that he would still need to take a step further by scrapping the programme completely, advising that no matter what form such scheme is re-presented in the future, the people are now more at alert, will reject it vehemently.

The group is canvasing for peaceful coexistence amongst all the various tribes in the country, expresses that only peace can bring economic growth to the country, urging the Federal government to always ensure that all their policies are devoid of favoring one particular ethnic group over the other, noting that such is the major cause of growing distrust in the country.

Since the President was elected in 2015, his appointment has been widely criticized due to his preference for Northerners in key positions including those manning the Security agencies, this alone is enough to embolden the people who comes from such ethnic bigot group to be conducting themselves as outlaws, which is dangerous to the peaceful and economic development of Nigeria.

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