[Malloadedlovers] THIS JUST IN!!! School Issues Disclaimer That Viral Cocaine Addict Rescued By Tony Rapu Never Attended Their School

Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls took to Twitter to issue a disclaimer which some users of the app have found to be in poor taste.
The disclaimer was in light of a certain lady who gave her name as Lizzy after being picked up by Freedom Foundation for rehabilitation – she told Pastor Tony Rapu’s team how she became addicted to cocaine after her ex-boyfriend began mixing it with her weed.
She spoke English fluently for an addict and said she attended Vivian Fowler college and also Caleb Nursery and Primary school.
After the video went viral, Vivian Fowler issued a statement on Twitter. In the statement, they denied that Lizzy ever attended their school but said they will work with Freedom Foundation to ensure Lizzy gets the help she needs.

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