[Malloadedlovers] Is 2019 Elections In Nigeria Free, Fair And Credible?⁣ (A MUST READ)

 Prior to 2019 elections, there are many issues on ground, starting from the appointment of a new INEC chairman, Not Too Young To Rule, legislators moving from one party to another, after second term in office, Governors trying to contest for a senatorial seat and conducting a free, fair and credible elections.⁣
A child born on May 29, 1999, the day the military handed over power to an elected civilian government will be able to vote in the just concluded 2019 elections. From 1999 till now, it’s not clear if we have really progressed.⁣
Is 2019 elections free, fair and credible?
This is the question that election tribunals across the country have to answer, the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar is also at the tribunal to seek justice.
About 112 petitions have been filed at these tribunals and the figure is expected to increase at the end of the deadline for filing petitions. ⁣
According to Section 134 of the Electoral Act provides that all petitions must be filed within 21 days of the declaration of the result of an election.⁣

My Experience On Election Day⁣

After the 2015 elections, I decided not to go out and vote again because there was no assurance that my vote counted. When after voting, I still don’t get good governance, what then is my long term gain for performing my civic duty?⁣
So if I vote “Wetin I gain”? This is the view of many Nigerians.⁣
On Election Day, I couldn’t hold it, I was not comfortable watching the TV to monitor the elections, I took my shirt and car keys, then head straight up to my polling booth. ⁣
On getting to the main road, I sighted the soldiers from distance cutting tires of other vehicles, even though the Inspector General of police promised us that the movement restriction on election day was to allow free movement of people going to their polling units to vote, once you have your PVC. ⁣
I had to park the car at Iyana Mortuary in Abeokuta and trek to my polling booth at Elega. When I got to Ijaye, I saw many people around man trying to explain something to some men in red jacket, when I moved closer I discovered that the man is a politician arrested by the EFCC for vote buying, I left the place. ⁣ “E no kuku concern me
When I got to Ake palace I heard some people shouting “kosi owo kosi ibo” (no money no vote). ⁣
On getting to my polling unit, I was approached by different people holding a note to write down my name, they ask my polling unit and where I will be casting my vote. ⁣
I wanted to know the highest bidder by asking them how much am I going to receive, but they all refuse to tell me the amount or give me the money until after I cast my vote. ⁣
After I got accredited and received my ballot papers, I discovered that some people are in place, in different angles, that no matter how smart you are they will surely know where you cast your vote.⁣
When I got home, I read about someone that was arrested in Benue, the APM man that I witnessed his arrest earlier in Ogun and an aide of Governor Rochas Okorocha.⁣
Then I checked my google to know what these states have in common and I discovered that the Governors in these states are suspended members of the APC. ⁣
I lost interest in the EFCC and fight against vote buying immediately.⁣

Lessons From The Whole Election Process

I learnt that if you have a political ambition in this country, you have to get rich first no matter what before you can venture into politics, because no one will be interested in your talks or goodwill. ⁣
People have been robbed politically, they have had a lots of fake promises, they now believe that it is either they get what they need from you before you get elected or nothing. ⁣
I now wonder how someone will get a loan or invested his money on a campaign and when he eventually won, he will not shut the door and recover his funds. ⁣
No wonder MoghaluDurotoye and Sowore all joined could not gather upto a hundred thousand votes. ⁣
This is a country we vote for political candidates without manifesto, without proper background checks.
There is even a state that the Governor-elect presented his SSCE because he was not sure if he graduated from a University and we are still here telling our children that “Education is the best legacy”, Legacy Kee you dia.
If you can become a governor with an o’level result and without any work experience then why do I need a Masters and 10years experience to work in a 6months old organization?⁣
Some political parties claimed that the results was tampered with, some claimed that their agents were kidnapped by armed uniformed men to sign fake results. There are reports of violence and ballot box snatching recorded in OndoOyoAkwa IbomEbonyiImoDeltaRivers and Bayelsa states which some people lost their lives. ⁣
I just have to keep this short and stop writing or continue to write, write and write. Am vexing!
Now, over to you  guys👇

What Are Your Thoughts On Nigeria’s 2019 Elections?

Is 2019 Election Free, Fair And Credible?

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