What you need to do if you want to make it as an artiste



Have a good quality music

Why are we talking about the quality of what you about to give out. It because good songs is easily been recommended. In fact it opened the way for more streams, The quality of your music must be of primary consideration.
Your artwork designer

Chat up a good graphics designer

Now you have a good song ok, but your artwork ain’t good. Boom it won’t go far, why because presentation matters alot what do I mean. Before anybody will listen to that song of yours he must be attracted by something, and what is that? Is the artwork. Take your time, and search for a good designer that can give you something awesome and also think about the concert of music been pass out. Explain what you are trying to pass out through your song to a professional graphics designer,  Try to shot a good and clean pictures and give it to a professional designer to work on it.

  • Have a marketing agency

Why do you need a marketing company. They are the ones to distribute the music to platform that matters. And this platform will collect all your royalties, that means money to bank. And whatever it comes from it you will get paid so that your effort wont be wasted After spending money to have a good music and u don’t get paid it a waste of time. It’s a good and advisable to a singer to get paid through his song, So look for a suitable marketing company example like tune core, distro kid.

After uploading your song on digital platform.

Why do I say so? because you can easily reach a mass audience with social media. As an upcoming act, no matter how, On your own you can possibly get up to 5k friends, but with sponsorship post you will get more than beyond expectations with a sponsored post on social media. For example On Facebook you can run an ads by yourself on Facebook for a token.

Chat me up, I will help you

Whatever what you want to go viral on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can do that for you. With just a token all what you’re doing for this a while many audience will notice you immediately with a full concentration but that will work for you if you are following what have mentioned for you.

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